“If you’ve been waiting for snowboarding to come up with a good cause, then your wait is over.”
~ YoBeat.com

“One person who helps needy kids is Heidi Landau, founder of campCARE, which exists because of the reality of at-risk youth and the disturbing statistics representing this problem. The camp experience becomes one big metaphor for the kids. The youths gain confidence and physical and mental challenges facing them erode away. Smiles and laughter replace fear and uncertainty. Their feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment can't be summed up better than the words of one of the campers: ‘I feel like I can do anything now!’

“Using high-profile professional athletes to bring awareness to social concerns is nothing new, but with snowboarding it seems different. The coaches aren't much older than the kids they're trying to help. The campers feel truly inspired by the campCARE experience. In proving to themselves that they can overcome their challenges, they're in turn showing others why these opportunities must be created.”
~Snowboard Canada

“Through the dedicated efforts of one woman, one marked by conscience and the ethic of giving back to the community, young lives that have been shattered are being put back together and made whole. Using her contacts in the snow sports industry, Heidi Landau created campCARE, a nonprofit group that uses mountain sports and pro snowboarder role models to help neglected and at-risk youth. Landau lives by the campCARE motto: Helping kids who have seen too much and lived too little.”
~ Elevation Magazine, “Heroes of Our Heights: 5 Mountain Locals Who Made a Difference” (with Heidi representing Canada)

”If it weren’t for campCARE, chances are many needy kids would never see the snow at all, let alone learn how to snowboard.”
~Snowboard Life