Achievement. It can be as big as catching huge air, or as small as getting some fresh air. campCARE has given kids with few opportunities guidance, mentorship, and more importantly, the chance to just be kids. Since 1997, campCARE Action Sports Camps™ had been taking children in need and high-risk youth from a variety of cultural backgrounds, from rough, challenging and sometimes even hostile situations – outside their environments and showing them life’s playground.

Snowboarding may take place in the steeps. It’s got a fast learning curve. Small successes bring about big results by helping troubled teens find the inspiration and the motivation for a future full of hope and promise. Their opportunities may be limited. But a few hours on the hill can change that, by introducing a new world of possibilities, fun, accomplishment, friendship and peer interaction.

The campCARE Respect Program, funded by top industry and community sponsors, taught kids to embrace differences until difference made no difference. campCARE’s positive youth development program changed the lives of struggling young people for the better. Our dedicated volunteer coaches taught along side world-class pros. Top athletes joined our team to help heal the hurt, and shape young people’s dreams.

By participating in our charitable camps, youth began to heal and build trust in others, in themselves, and most of all in their own ability to overcome difficult circumstances. By giving them a chance to be kids and learn a cool, new and challenging sport, our program made a lasting difference in the lives of hundreds of young people, continually, for fourteen years.

campCARE helped children who had seen too much and lived too little, by giving them hope… the greatest gift of all.